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In today’s world, citizens have become very mobile, businesses are global and regulations are international. Customers do expect that their notary has integrated these developments into his practice and the services he is offering. Therefore, a number of international notaries have created The Kronberg Circle in order to be able to offer seamless services of high quality across borders.


The Kronberg Circle is an international network of notary offices that addresses modern society challenges and that brings added value to its customers.


International Coverage


The notaries of the Kronberg Circle undertake to welcome the client in a friendly, professional environment putting them at ease. They listen to the client’s needs and create a relationship based on trust.

The Kronberg Circle is the first global network of notaries that positions itself as an international network. It brings together experienced notary offices who can follow their customers across borders and address any questions involving multiple national legislations.

The notaries of the Kronberg Circle make a professional analysis of the matter and quickly offer effective, personalized advice and solutions. They handle the client’s file with qualified professionals who have been trained to provide top quality services.

The legal questions of today have no boundaries !

It happens more and more often that people and business are confronted to legal questions involving different national legislations. A few examples :












A Spanish man is married to a French woman. They live in Belgium where their two children are born. What will be the applicable rules that will govern the succession planning ?


A listed company based in Germany wants to move its statutory headquarters to the Netherlands. At the same time they want to streamline the ownership structure of their affiliated companies in 7 countries. How do you organize such transfer of seat and the reorganization of the ownership structure in 7 countries ?


An American expat has had two children with his first wife in the US. He is now living with his second, Italian wife in Brussels and they have a son born there. They own their house as well as a house in Italy. The man passes away. How do you organize the succession ?

These are only a few examples where one will need international expertise and support. In order to be able to address such complex questions, the notaries of the Kronberg Circle have decided to join forces and work together in transnational matters.


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The Kronberg Circle is an international network of (Public) Notary Offices where the members meet up with peers, share experiences and make referrals to each other.

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